What is vinylester resin molding?

With the birth of modern composite materials in the automotive industry, aerospace and aviation sees the use of new technologies such as molding in vinylester resin with savings where there is a strong demand for materials with high mechanical properties, but low weight.

When metal materials such as aluminum and titanium alloys are very expensive, they do not allow for a compromise between strength and weight, as it is proven to be vinylester compression molding.


Composite material is the union of two or more materials that, while retaining each one’s own chemical and physical identity, contribute mutually to providing much more mechanical and physical properties.

In any type of composite material we can identify:

• a homogeneous phase, called the matrix, which defines forms and volumes of the structure in which it is inserted;

• a discontinuous phase, said reinforcement, consisting of multiple entities distributed more or less uniformly in the matrix, with the task of ensuring rigidity and mechanical strength.

Their use involves widening areas.

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