Molding wet molding

It ‘a RTM molding process that uses compression metal molds under a high tonnage hydraulic press.
It allows to obtain manufactured articles made of composite with:

  • high reinforcement content
  • total process control
  • exceptional repeatability
  • constancy
  • very high production rates

With an appropriate set up of molds you can get over 10,000 parts a year.

The thermosetting matrix compounds with respect to the most common thermoplastic polymers have higher technical-performance characteristics among which can be listed:

    • dimensional stability at high temperatures due to the intrinsic nature of thermosetting materials
    • high mechanical properties, both in terms of stiffness and impact resistance
    • resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents specifically formulated for external use
    • fire resistance with materials loaded in the total absence of halogens
    • high surface quality with “CLASS A” finishing for the automotive industry


Components made with traditional materials such as steel, aluminum, and cement have a high environmental impact in terms of energy consumption, raw materials and carbon dioxide emissions.

For these factors, SMC and BMC are the best response to today’s needs:

      1. allow the weight reduction of the final product resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
      2. it is not necessary for subsequent processing steps such as drilling and welding
      3. thermosetting compounds are recyclable materials through re-use in the cement production process in accordance with European WFD 2008/98 / EC


Trucker is a market leader in this particular production specialty with over 50000 printed parts per year.

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