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Carbon fiber molding

Carbon is a widely used chemical element in nature and which is at the same time a fundamental component of industrialized societies.
It is not a metal, but we find it often matched with metal elements such as iron and aluminum.
Carbon fiber can be considered an artificial evolution of this element; is a polymer from the filiform structure that is used to make components of various kinds.
The Trucker company specializes in the design and manufacture of ad hoc equipment for molding carbon fiber components widely used in industry and modern manufacturing.

The peculiarity of the carbon fiber molding

The main physical and aesthetic characteristic of carbon fiber components is their characteristic reticular texture.
Nowadays, this can be achieved not only through the classic rolling process but also with compression molding .
The creation of industrial molds that can be used for the manufacture of such components requires specific skills and technologies that take into account the chemical and physical characteristics of this particular material.
In this regard, Trucker offers great assurance of reliability and above all the quality of equipment designed and manufactured for this type of molding.

Coal-fired carbon fiber molding equipment

As we have repeatedly recalled, Trucker bases its business on a personalized approach to meet the specific needs of each buyer.
Also in the case of carbon fiber molding equipment, the company proposes a collaborative approach (co-design) where its technicians and designers work closely with the customer in order to guarantee a result finale perfectly in line with their expectations.
An innovative and effective processing method through which it is easier to build high quality industrial molds.

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